Cocca Mia Pils, ranked 2nd in the 2015 Cerevisia national award among bottom fermentation beers for central Italy. Pils beer, bottom fermented, golden yellow in color. The scent is delicate of hops with a dry taste with notes of cereals and hops. The serving temperature is between 6 ° and 8 ° C. We recommend combinations with pizza, first courses, cold cuts, white meat main courses.

Alcohol content: 5%

Water, barley and wheat malt *, hops, sugar, yeast.

Contains gluten.

Agricultural beer unfiltered and not refermented in the bottle. The advantage of non-refermentation in the bottle lis that that the fermentation yeasts are not placed inside the bottle, but fermentation takes place in the tanks in the cellar. This process allows to have a clean product avoiding that the yeasts at the bottom of the bottle, once their function is finished, go into autolysis causing an unpleasant sour taste.