The “Mulino dei Bianchi” farm was founded in Gubbio in 2012 in San Martino in Colle, welcoming and renewing a family agricultural tradition that has been well rooted in time since the 1920s. Browsing through the municipal historical archive, the historian Fabrizio Cece allowed us to reconstruct a puzzle that would have risked ending up in the oblivion of memory: some historical documents attest to the presence of a mill (called “dei Bianchi”) already in 1377 belonging to Madonna Liuccia. The transformation of cereals is therefore an ancient vocation of our farm renewed by the new generations by cultivating barley and wheat and transforming them into “Cocca Mia!” an agricultural beer not refermented in the bottle that can boast a 0 km supply chain and which aims to be an excellence in combination with products from the land but also from the sea.