Kim Terhorst’s Volta la Carta is a shop that represents a combination of art bookbinding and small leather goods, where you can taste the craftsmanship of the past! Located in the heart of Gubbio, in via dei Consoli n. 39, is a unique and enchanted place where you can breathe an ancient and precious atmosphere. The binding processes carried out by hand with the loom or with the use of thread, will take you into a world of presses, marbled papers, punches, studs, hand-made papers, colored canvases and leathers and brass tools to personalize each single product with gold or silver engravings. If you want to try the experience of hand binding, Volta la Carta is the right place.

Starting from single sheets, continuing with the back and the cover, up to a leather product entirely handcrafted.

Information and booking
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  • Volta La Carta di Terhorst Kim
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